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Written by Dominic Gall   
Friday, 17 August 2012

13062012003.jpgWorld Exclusive

Pakistan Bowling Federation Secretary General

Ijaz ur Rehman talks tenpin

"I am more than satisfied with the amount of progress our players had made so far when keeping in mind the most important fact that here in Islamabad we have only one bowling club that too remains out of order for the most of time and secondly we don’t get any financial or other help from any institution or government, but still there is a long way to go and we are working day and night on this."

Recently we had the pleasure of interviewing the Joint general secretary of the Pakistan Bowling Federation Romis Ali, Well this week we managed to speak with the Secretary General Ijaz ur Rehman. Ijaz is yet another dedicated and passionate bowler that is doing all he can to raise the profile of the sport in his country and trying to bring Pakistan into the World bowling community. Ijaz together with Romis make a great team and are well on their way to their goals in tenpin bowling. Ijaz spent a lot of time in Russia where he was first introduced to the sport and has spent a lot of his own money building up tournaments in Pakistan. Below is what we found out about this special individual.

2009bwcijazurrehmanpakistan.jpgFor our viewers who may not know much about you can you tell us a little about yourself?

First of all I really want to thank you for providing me with an opportunity to express myself, I was born on the 15th February 1973 in Batkhela, Malakand Agency at a very respectable and noble family of the area, my late father was a very successful business man of the area we had several businesses, I went to Russia for higher education, I complete my studies and remained in Russia for a long period.

I also established an NGO, namely HUNCH Welfare Foundation, the main aim of this NGO is Health, Education, Unemployment, Child Care, Human Rights and Yes To Bowling No to Drugs, I had arranged a lot of welfare schemes throughout country with the help of my friends and without taking any grant from the government or any donor organizations. But I want to help the poor people of my country in much better way.

How did you first get involved in Tenpin Bowling?

Coming to your next question regarding my involvement in bowling, as I mentioned earlier I remained in Russia, it is there when I started to take interest in Tenpin bowling, soon I was amongst the top professional players in this particular sport in Russia and neighboring states, I love this game and take it very seriously and spend millions of Pakistani rupees holding number of championships in Karachi and Islamabad from my own pocket.

I would like to add one important thing and it is my challenge, you can confirm this from your own sources that today the Pakistan Tenpin Bowling Federation just gets affiliation or international recognition because of my tireless efforts and with the active help of some sincere friends.

ijaz.jpgYou mention spending a lot of time in Russia, This is another country where bowling is now becoming more recognized, Does Russia and Pakistan have a lot in common in this respect?

No there is not any common thing in Pakistan and Russia regarding Tenpin Bowling. As Russia is a developed country and have lot of International bowling alleys So they are vey much further forward in this game.

Pakistan bowling is beginning to emerge into the World game now with trips to the Brunswick Euro and Italia Challenge and also the upcoming World Singles in Cyprus are you happy with your countries progress so far?

I am more than satisfied with the amount of progress our players had made so far when keeping in mind the most important fact that here in Islamabad we have only one bowling club that too remains out of order for the most of time and secondly we don’t get any financial or other help from any institution or government, but still there is a long way to go and we are working day and night on this.

15082012227.jpgWhat plans do you have to improve the Pakistan players further?

We are regularly holding different talent hunt camps, grassroots level courses, leagues, national, local championships on regular basis, finding and grooming the raw and first hand talent according to our limited resources.

Are you looking for a World-class coach to help your country make it to the next level?

Off course nobody can even think about progressing without hiring an international standard coach, we would love to hire at least a dozen coaches but as I mentioned earlier we have very limited resources I had to provide and look after my family too as a sole earner, so I could only spend what I could afford, we are in talks with different organizations if we managed to arrange substantial amount of funds .We would  bring revolution in bowling in Pakistan.

dsc_0124.jpgArranging funds can be difficult and the same is true in many countries including the United Kingdom, Do you think it may just be a case of the Pakistan players playing well outside of Pakistan and then gaining support will be a little easier?

No it is not easier we made many International trips from our own pocket. As I have mentioned before I have invested millions of rupees from my own pocket in regards of International Tours and organize national level championships.

Do you get much media coverage in the national TV, Radio and Newspapers, This is something we English have trouble with?

Yes we got a lot of media coverage. One of our National Championships was live broadcasted on a sports channel named PTV Sports.  Our bowling news is regularly printed in local newspapers, also telecast live interviews of bowling players.

We spoke with Romis Ali recently about Pakistan bowling and he like you is very committed to improving the sport in Pakistan. Romis has been kindly sending talk tenpin many articles and stories from your country which have also appeared in the World letter sent out by the World bowling writers. Do you think more can be done to promote Pakistan bowling to an even bigger audience?

Tenpin Bowling has now been a famous game in Pakistan especially among the youngsters.  We strongly hope that soon after this game will also be as famous as the others like cricket, hockey and squash. Children are also playing this game on their mobiles.

I discussed with Mr. Phillips manager of Brunswick to organize an International level championship in Pakistan to whom all of our local print and electronic media will cover. He gave me hope to manage it in future.  

As I have mentioned before now we have affiliated with the Pakistan Sports Board, now if the World Tenpin Bowling Association also supports us to promote this game, we assure that we could bring this game to a peak.

A Brunswick supported international event in Pakistan would be very good for the country and players, The Challenge format Brunswick uses would be great. Would you run this event for countries close to Pakistan at first or would you be looking to open it up to a global market right away?

We are a sports federation, not a political party who will call only the close fellows.  It would be our priority to call as many as countries to participate in the event. And it will be also be better at first that only new federations come to the event . I think every new federation will appreciate it highly.

As a bowler yourself you know the importance of practice before tournaments, how do you train for the events you play?

I and all my team are used to playing at least 6 games in a day, but while the time of any national or international tournament we increase the games that helps bring us into form.

Do you have a bowling magazine in your country or do you use the internet to inform your players?

We had our bowling magazine, but we can’t continue it due to insufficient financial support. Now we are using our website, net and other resources to inform the players.

Pakistan are sending players to the 1st World singles in Cyprus in September, Which players will represent your nation?

Two Players will represent  Pakistan in the 1st Cyprus Tenpin Bowling Championship, Ijaz Ur Rehman from Islamabad and Shabbir Lashkarwalai.

The event will be available on Live streaming and as I am doing the streaming myself It will be a great chance to feature your players and interview them, As well as training to bowl do you give your players media training for when they appear on TV?

Yes we provide special training to our players while they present on any TV channel for interviews regarding tenpin bowling game.

Finally Ijaz, Of all the great World players and coaches which players or coaches would you like to see play or coach in your country?

1.Walter Ray Williams Jr. 2.Tommy Jones  3.Norm Duke

A massive thank you to Ijaz for this informative look into his life and country and we wish him luck in growing the sport in Pakistan and our hope is we see Pakistan's players becoming well known names in World bowling in the future.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 18 August 2012 )
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